Opened in 2010, Rosetta restaurant is a unique gastronomic proposal by Mexico City Chef Elena Reygadas.
In a grand Colonia Roma townhouse, Reygadas offers diners authentic food that eschews excess and flash, moves away from the commonplace and proposes something a wee bit daring, yet utterly unaffected.
Strict seasonality means an ever-changing menu, even as certain favorites persist, adjusted according to market-available options that arrive with each phase of the year. Artisanal technique is the rule at Rosetta, as a means of creating one-of-a-kind personality and guaranteeing the highest possible quality.
The ingredients that make up every dish combine with knowledge of the role they play on the plate. Every element is expressed and will add its qualities to the rest. This is cooking where subtle notes sound beside more daring—even atypical—flavors.

Elena Reygadas studied English literature at Mexico’s National Autonomous University, later relocating to Manhattan to attend the French Culinary Institute. She subsequently worked for Chef Giorgio Locatelli in London and founded Rosetta, in Mexico City, in 2010.
Reygadas received the 2014 Veuve Clicquot Prize for Latin America’s Best Woman Chef, a recognition Restaurant magazine bestows as part of its “Fifty Best Restaurants in Latin America” list.